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TeaPak is one of the most important companies in the packaging industry; born and developed in Imola, in the heart of the ‘Packaging Valley’, TeaPak belongs to the multinational company YogiTea: it was born in the United States by Yogi Bhajan and it operates in the production of organic infusions, having corporate welfare as the main goal. As a fact, TeaPak handles the packaging of YogiTea infusions for the entire European market. The functional layout of the new plant, developed by Open Project srl, is built around the production flow and the technologies used in it. ICS collaborated in this project with Open Project by taking care of all aspects of fire prevention and the design of the fire-fighting water system.


Externally, the building looks like an essential volume, while internally it has a 2-level layout creating the optimal conditions for a production cycle that houses very high-tech machinery and a logistics of materials and raw materials studied in detail. The mix of ingredients, expertly blended into Ayurvedic infusions, and packaging, translated into 7 different languages, require a complex and fascinating production process. The office building’s image interprets and represents the brand’s roots through large vertical sunshades that use the same colors as the product packaging: an evocative call on a technological element that identifies and becomes a manifesto of the brand to which it belongs.

The intervention is tailored around two key elements: the new production system, studied in detail together with TeaPak, and the quality of employee space, considered by the client to be a central element of its success. The result is a seemingly simple and linear structure, but it is the fruit of deep analysis and characterized by great internal complexity.