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Manifattura Bulgari

Manifattura Bulgari


Eighteen months after the laying of the foundation stone, Bulgari inaugurates its new jewellery factory in the historic goldsmith district of Valenza. Composed of two buildings with deliberately different architectural features, it creates an ideal bridge between innovation and tradition. The soul linked to the cradle of the Italian goldsmith tradition is expressed in the enhancement of an existing building of great historical and symbolic importance: the Cascina dell’Orefice, built in 1860 and considered the first goldsmith’s workshop in Valenza. The historical building has been reconstructed and enlarged, thanks to a structure entirely made of glass that recalls the original shape of the Cascina in a contemporary key. This represents the strong historical identity of the place and the unmistakable vision of the Maison Bulgari, which starts from the recovery of tradition to look towards the future with impetus.


For ICS, it was an honour to be able to participate alongside Open Project in the realisation of this jewel and to follow the fire design in such a prestigious and challenging project. The second complex houses the Manifattura, entirely enveloped in a metal skin, a synthesis of aesthetics and functionality, guaranteeing full access to natural light, an absence of visual barriers to the surrounding nature, and at the same time an adequate level of privacy and security, as well as the aesthetic harmony of the structure.

By combining aesthetics and efficiency, the building succeeds in the architectural challenge of combining high-tech production capacity with a design in line with the company’s stylistic values. The brand’s preciousness and elegance are reflected in the architectural detailing of the interior design.