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Bonfiglioli EVO

Bonfiglioli EVO


Bonfiglioli S.p.A. is a market leader in the production of power transmission components and solutions operating in many countries. In order to enhance the close and long-term link with the territory, Open Project has carried out a major project to expand and rationalise the production plant in Calderara di Reno, Bologna and ICS took part in this project by caring for and developing the fire prevention aspects. Thanks to the EVO Project, the production plant has become the company’s main headquarters, characterised by highly liveable spaces and high environmental compatibility, putting human and technological evolution at the centre.


As required by the client, after an intense acquaintance to analyse the functional needs, the company mission has resulted into specific architectural choices of layout and materials. Flexibility, adaptability over time and democratic space became the main design guidelines. Employees and visitors are accompanied inside the new building by a long covered walkway leading to a glazed entrance hall. In the new office complex, workstations are distributed in open space to optimise business needs with enclosed office spaces and meeting rooms distributed on all floors. The internal courtyards allow views of the greenery at all times, both from the work spaces and from the restaurant and canteen areas.

The factory thus becomes a place of innovation, a hub of research and development, where technology is at the service of the individual, who performs highly skilled and recognised work. A realisation in which the functionality of the factory never comes before the pleasure of experiencing the work space and the beauty of being surrounded by it. An nZEB building with very high energy performance, designed for people, designed for innovation. The company’s values and historical and technological heritage are translated into cultural value, thanks to the new design of the hall as an Enterprise Museum. A double intervention, an installation and an exhibition space, tells and conveys the Bonfiglioli mission in which tradition, experience and innovation accompany visitors in their museum experience.