Fire prevention

Fire safety design to prevent and mitigate the destructive effects of fires

Fire prevention is one of the main sectors for ICS srl. Fire prevention consulting and design for ICS srl means placing people and goods safety at the centre, from preliminary analysis to execution, with the sole purpose of developing innovative solutions which respects the clients’ needs: safety, dependability and funcionality are always guaranteed. ICS srl provides continuous fire prevention and technical support throughout the lifespan of the building. ICS srl ensures the progress of all stages, from feasability analysis to final test.

Analysis of fire risk factors and identification of possible dangers

Fire prevention design, including complete technical inspections with site condition assessments (dimensional characteristics, crowding and type of activity performed)

Feasibility study (clearance request procedure)

Preparation and submission of Fire Prevention SCIA (Italy) - Certificate of commencement of Fire Prevention activity

Periodic renewal of fire compliance certificate

Transfer of registration of fire prevention certificate

Waiver request

Fire prevention contruction supervision

Fire prevention systems sizing and testing

Fire Compartment Survey Reports and Firestopping works

Fire protection system Certificate